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New Catheter from Dolor Technologies Used by Physicians Who Treat Chronic Headache & Other Disorders

Catheter Used to Treat Chronic Headaches and Other Disorders




DryFlex Documents:


SphenoCath Documents:
White Papers:

Amniotic Membrane to Reduce Postlaminectomy Epidural Adhesions

Light-Activated Sealing of
Neurorrhaphy Sites with Human Amnion Wraps

The Use of a Dehydrated Amnion/Chorion Membrane
Allograft in Patients Who Subsequently Undergo Reexploration
after Posterior Lumbar Instrumentation

The Clinical Applications of Human Amnion in Plastic Surgery

Amniotic Membrane/Amnion-Derived Cells for Regeneration of Various Tissues

Implantation of amniotic membrane to reduce postlaminectomy
epidural adhesions

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