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Shoulder Tendonitis

Elbow Tendonitis

Knee Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Shoulder Tendonitis

Calcific Tendinitis of the Rotator Cuff


Bursitis/Greater Trochanteric

Tennis Elbow Golfer’s Elbow


V1 Frontal Lobe Headaches


Occipital Neuralgia

Post Concussion Headaches

Cluster Headaches

Ice Pick Headaches


Provides pain relief associated with headaches, facial & dental pain and neuralgia.
Amniotic Allograft Injectable
A safe, natural and more effective approach to treating the source of pain or injury.
Non-surgical intervention designed to target and treat the source of chronic tendon pain.
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Case Report: Treatment of a Forty Six Year Old Male With Lateral Epicondylitis

Patient History

A 46-year-old, athletically active male had persistent symptoms for over 6 months. He had tried physical therapy, received one steroid injection, and was taking NSAIDs for pain management.

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Case Report: Treatment of a Fifty Five Year Old Female With Lateral Epicondylitis

Patient History

A 55-year-old female with persistent symptoms for 3 years had undergone extensive conservative treatment that included activity modification, NSAIDs, elbow straps, and 3 to 4 steroid injections.

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New Catheter from Dolor Technologies Used by Physicians Who Treat Chronic Headache & Other Disorders

SPG Blocks have been preformed for centuries, but new technology allows them to be performed with comfort and ease.

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“I have been looking for years for effective treatments of chronic tendinopathies. I have found TenJet to be easier to operate with less interruption time from the tubing getting clogged and superior ability to reach the pathologic tissue due to its length. The patients I have performed this modality on have had nearly immediate improvement and have been completely satisfied.”

Chad Stephens , DO


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